Your Gift means a second chance and hope for struggling families

You can be the hope a family needs

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You can be the hope a family needs

Macedonia FACE delivers HOPE to families with your help.

Rachel was working in the community last month when a woman approached her and said: “You probably don’t recognize me, because I’m not the same woman that came to you desperate and asking for help 9 months ago”.

She told Rachel that Macedonia FACE’s Lifeline program literally saved her life.

She was homeless, hungry, and her 2 children were not attending school regularly. She described being in a “very low” mental state.
She said she never imagined being in this situation. She had been working and her family was doing well until her hours were cut at work, and she got behind on paying her bills. Eventually, the bills caught up to
her and she was evicted from her apartment and lost her job completely.
“When I called FACE, the clouds lifted, and the sun came out again. FACE got me and my family a hotel room that day, and food, and then helped me find a new home, giving me the money for the security deposit and rent so we weren’t homeless. FACE even had someone at the school who helped me to get my kids back on track. They are happy and doing well. You all are angels!”

- Lorena (age 31)

Lorena worked with a Family Coordinator at FACE where she was supported in finding new employment and enrolling in school to strengthen her career opportunities. She was given a referral for counseling to help her build emotional wellness. Last year, Macedonia FACE’s Lifeline responded to 393 families like Lorena’s.

Macedonia FACE also responded to the following needs in the community this past year:

• 279 neighbors experiencing food insecurity received food boxes and groceries
• 46,144 meals were delivered to 262 seniors
• 188 seniors joined health, educational, cultural and social activities at the Active for Life Senior Center.
• 82 individuals screened for mental health and substance abuse concerns
• 111 youth participated in school and community-based youth groups
• 274 individuals attended early literacy events

With your support, FACE will continue to offer families the support they need.